Teenagers will do crazy things, like piercing their own ears or tongues or anything else that has skin. Over the past 20 years in the classroom, I’ve heard lots of stories that made me shake my head in disbelief. If your teenager has ever done something crazy, I assure you…you are not alone in this world. Here’s some proof.

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Posted Mar 20, 2023

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Teenagers will do crazy things, like piercing their own ears or tongues or anything else that has skin. In fact, I've compiled a list of 12 crazy things that teenagers have done over the years. One 16 year old student of mine once decided to work a full work week during spring break just because he was bored at home. Another student thought it was a good idea to skip half days of school for an entire semester and still managed to pass all her classes.

But it's not just academic feats that teenagers are capable of- one student even pierced his own tongue with a safety pin in the middle of class! And another student, who was a pretty advanced computer coder with impressive coding skills, accidentally deleted an important project and had to start from scratch. These classic mistakes might seem amusing in hindsight but at the time they can cause quite a bit of stress for both parents and teachers alike. However, sometimes these mistakes can also lead to lucky strikes and unexpected successes.

A Lucky Strike: Getting it Right on the Third Try

Have you ever had a business idea that failed, not once, but twice? Well, that's what happened to entrepreneur Michael Mader when he conceptualized collapsible heels. Yes, you read that right! Heels that can be collapsed and turned into flats. The first prototype was too heavy, while the second one was too fragile. But he didn't give up; instead, he continued working on his idea until he got it right on the third try. Today, "Alterre" shoes are a big hit among fashion-conscious women who want practicality without compromising style.

Another lucky strike came in the form of Krawlers baby clothes with built-in knee pads. As parents know all too well, babies crawl everywhere and their knees are prone to bruises and scrapes. That's why founder Stephanie Parker came up with a solution by adding knee pads to her baby clothes line. Her idea resonated with parents worldwide, and her business took off. It just goes to show that great ideas often come from related habits or experiences that can be improved upon for practical solutions.

Spread the Joy: Pass Along This Picture!

Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions with this collection of “12 crazy things found”! Brace yourself for a wild ride as we take you through 33 killer pics, 51 wtf pics, and 25 hilariously wtf things found. Prepare to be amazed, amused and terrified all at once.

From the strangest hotel room service requests to celebrity death scenes, we’ve got it all covered. Discover the craziest things that people have found in their hotel rooms or on Google Street View. Find out about the nine craziest things doctors have removed from patients’ bodies and the 17 crazy things people have stumbled upon while browsing the deep web.

The fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve got an array of bizarre inventions, untimely demises, amazing backyard finds and wacky airport security confiscations. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what these people discovered in their lightless basements or what they spotted during their travels around the world. Make sure to replay gallery and check out our Facebook replay to share this picture with your friends – they won’t want to miss out on these 12 crazy things!

Karen's Ultimatum: Cease CEO Position or Face Consequences

A story that has been circulating on social media with 14014 views is that of Karen's ultimatum. Apparently, Karen was given an ultimatum by her employer to either step down from her CEO position or face consequences. This might sound like a crazy thing to happen in the corporate world, but it is not uncommon for CEOs to be held accountable for their actions. What led to this decision is unknown, but it goes to show that even those at the top are not immune to consequences.

These Are the Most and Least Affordable Places to Retire in The U.S.

Are you planning on retiring soon and looking for an affordable place to live? According to a recent study by Madeline Garfinkle, some of the most affordable places to retire are in the Midwest, Southeast, and West Coast. On the other hand, some of the least affordable places tend to be in the Mountain State region.

Green Trees Near Body of Water

If you're looking for an affordable place to retire, consider checking out cities such as Fort Wayne, Indiana or El Paso, Texas. These cities offer affordable housing and a low cost of living. However, if you're looking for a retirement destination on the West Coast or in the Mountain State region tend to be more expensive. Some of these cities include San Francisco and Denver. So before making any decisions on where to retire, make sure you do your research!

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Are you a one-person business struggling to get things done? Do you feel like you have no one to turn to for advice and guidance? If so, then mark your calendar for March 30th – because expert Terry Rice is holding Solopreneur Office Hours!

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Discovering My Origins: Uncovering My New York Roots

In February 2010, a new WeWork location opened in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo. Little did anyone know at the time that this would be just the beginning of a global phenomenon. By October 2014, WeWork had expanded outside of the United States and reached London. Two years later, in November 2016, their 100th location opened in Berlin, Germany. As someone who has roots in New York, it's fascinating to see how far WeWork has come since its humble beginnings in my home city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my kid so snarky?

Your child may be snarky due to a variety of reasons, such as feeling misunderstood, lacking control over their lives, or experiencing stress. It's important to communicate with your child and try to understand the root cause of their behavior.

Why do teens keep things from their parents?

Teens may keep things from their parents due to fear of punishment, desire for privacy, or feeling misunderstood. It's important for parents to create a safe and open environment for communication with their teens.

What happened to WeWork?

WeWork experienced financial difficulties due to its rapid expansion and high operating costs, leading to a failed IPO attempt and the resignation of its founder and CEO.

How much is WeWork worth?

As of September 2019, WeWork was valued at $47 billion, but due to financial difficulties and the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's value has since plummeted.

What should I avoid as a teenager?

As a teenager, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, and using drugs. These substances can harm your health and future prospects, so it's best to stay away from them.

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