How Much Should You Charge as a Freelance Writer?

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Posted Mar 3, 2023

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Today freelance writers are in high demand. With more and more businesses relying on online content to reach their target audience, the need for skilled writers has never been greater. From content writers turning out informative blog posts, to copywriters crafting compelling sales copy that drives revenue companies' way, the opportunities for outsourcing writing services are endless.

The good news is that as a freelance writer, you have the chance to make a great living doing what you love. However, figuring out how much to charge can be a bit of a challenge. There are many factors to consider, from your experience level and education, to the type of writing you specialize in and your overall skill set. In fact, there are 9 skills every freelance writer should have in order to succeed in this field. One thing is for sure though: having a flexible pricing method is key when it comes to charging for your services.

The Flexible Pricing method: Charge per Hour

One of the most common pricing methods for freelance writers is charging by the hour. The hourly rate is a flexible pricing method that takes into account the comfort level of both parties. Unlike an office job with a fixed salary rate, hourly rates work with freelance writers giving them control over how many hours they want to work and how much they want to charge per hour.

For beginning freelance writers, charging a modest hourly rate can be a decent starting point. It's important to note that charging too low could result in undervaluing one's services, so it's essential to do research on what other writers are charging for similar services. Another option is to set a cap based on the number of hours working on the project, ensuring that both parties understand the expectations.

The hourly rate makes it easily accessible for clients who need quick turnaround times or those who have smaller projects like blog post social media captions or book settings. Freelance writing can also be a side hustle, making hourly rates ideal for those who need flexibility in their schedules. Freelance writers can attend 12 workshops related to start their careers as freelance writers and learn more about pricing options such as flat rates, which may work better in certain situations.

These Are the Most and Least Affordable Places to Retire in The U.S.

For freelance writers, retirement is a dream that can become a reality with careful budgeting and planning. According to recent studies, the most affordable places to retire in the U.S. are located in the Midwest and Southeast regions, while the West Coast and mountain state region tend to be less affordable. Madeline Garfinkle, an expert on retirement living, suggests that freelance writers consider cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma and Knoxville, Tennessee for their affordability and quality of life.

However, it's important for freelance writers to weigh their priorities when choosing a retirement destination. While cost of living should be taken into account, access to cultural activities and outdoor recreation may also play a significant role in overall happiness during retirement. Ultimately, each individual must consider their personal needs and preferences before making a decision on where to retire as a freelance writer.

Is a Degree Necessary for Freelance Writing?

The short answer is no, you do not need a degree to become a successful freelance writer. Unlike some professions like social work, where a degree is required to practice, freelance writing isn't as strict with requirements. As a freelance writer, your main goal is to be able to string words together in a coherent manner that can convey the intended message of the piece.

However, having a degree in writing or journalism can definitely give you an advantage in the field. It shows potential clients that you have some level of expertise and knowledge about writing techniques and styles. But even without a degree, if you find writing fun and have passion motivation for it, you can still succeed as a freelance writer.

One thing to keep in mind is that without formal training or education, you may have a hard time conveying your ideas in a clear and concise way. But this shouldn't discourage you from pursuing freelance writing. With practice and dedication, anyone can develop their skills and learn how to put their thoughts into words that flow naturally and engage readers.

The 'Airbnbust' Proves the Wild West Days of Online Vacation Rentals Are Over

Airbnb recently reported a profitable year, but their success doesn't come without a few hiccups. The platform has been experiencing what is known as the 'Airbnbust', where hosts are struggling to fill their listings and some are even pulling out of the market altogether. These dwindling listings foreshadowed the inevitable correction that was bound to happen in the online vacation rental industry.

As freelance writers, it's important to stay up-to-date on industry trends so that we can provide informative and accurate content for our clients. The 'Airbnbust' serves as a reminder that no market is immune to change and it's crucial to adapt accordingly. Even high-profile Airbnb hosts like James Rodriguez and Dan Latu have been affected by this correction, showing that everyone needs to be prepared for any potential shifts in their chosen industry.

Ask Marc | Free Business Advice Session with the Co-Founder of Netflix

Looking for free business advice to boost your freelance writing career? Look no further than the "Ask Marc" session with the co-founder of Netflix himself, Marc Randolph. This opportunity provides you with a chance to ask any question or seek advice on any topic, ranging from funding and marketing to product development and branding. All you need to do is sign up for the session, which takes place at 3 pm EDT on a designated date.

To register for this exciting event, all you need to do is follow the instructions provided by the organizers and successfully copy the link they send you. Once registered, prepare your questions ahead of time so that you can make the most out of this opportunity. Whether you're just starting out as a freelance writer or looking to take your career to new heights, this free business advice session offers valuable insights and guidance from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern history. Don't miss out!

Finding Your Ideal Freelance Writing Client

As a freelance writer, it's important to find your ideal client in order to build a successful and profitable freelance writing business. Whether you're searching for email jobs or blog jobs, there are various types of clients that you can work with. Some big businesses and start-up companies may require content that's more informative, whereas solopreneurs wanting smaller content budgets may need less formal writing.

One of the best ways to source clients is by researching the different types of freelance writing jobs available. Magazines, newspapers, trade magazines, and e-learning materials all hire freelance writers. You should also consider educational courses and authors who seek writers for their books. Blog owners are yet another option when it comes to finding profitable freelance writing jobs.

When it comes to figuring out your ideal client, it's important to consider your writing ability as well. If you specialize in technical writing, then working with companies in the tech industry could be a good fit. On the other hand, if you excel at creative writing, partnering with marketing agencies looking for catchy taglines might be more your style. By understanding what type of work you're best suited for and what services you can offer potential clients, you'll have a better chance of making your freelance writing business successful.

Discover the Lucrative World of Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you a writer online? You'll be happy to know that freelance writing jobs are in high demand! Companies, startups, creators, authors, publications, and bloggers are all looking for talented writers to create content for their websites. As a freelance writer, you have the opportunity to work with different clients and write about various topics that interest you.


One of the best things about freelance writing jobs is that they offer flexibility. You can choose the projects you want to work on and set your own schedule. Plus, many companies and startups offer recurring money for writers who consistently produce quality content. Whether it's a blog writing job or an ongoing project with a long-term client, there are plenty of opportunities out there for writers who are willing to put in the work.

So if you're looking for ways to make money as a writer online, consider becoming a freelance writer. With so many companies and individuals in need of high-quality content, there has never been a better time to pursue a freelance writing job. Start by creating some writing samples and reaching out to potential clients – before long, you could be earning a steady income doing what you love!

Reasons to Consider Shifting from Hourly to Project and Per-Word Rates

Switching from hourly to project and per-word rates is a wise move for any freelance writer. Experienced freelancers prefer this route because it guarantees a better bottom line. When they started freelancing, they may have chosen the hourly route at first, but as they developed systems and invested in tools to become faster likewise, they realized that charging by the hour was not the best option.

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Being a slower freelance writer can make one feel pressured when working for an hourly rate. One might feel like their worth is based solely on how many hours they put in. On the other hand, charging per project or per word ensures that the finished product meets the client's expectations without any arguments about what was incorrect based on hours worked. Meeting deadlines becomes more critical than ever before since taking longer to complete work means less income.

A word rate means being able to set a realistic price for each piece of content according to its level of complexity and research requirements. This way, clients are aware of how much they will be paying upfront and can budget accordingly. The business avoiding an hourly rate also benefits by being able to focus more on meeting deadlines and delivering quality work instead of trying to calculate every ten hours worked. As a freelance writer, making the switch from hourly rates could mean gaining control over your finances while producing better results for your clients.

Various Writing Services You Can Get from a Freelance Writer

An online freelance writer can write content for your website, blog or work here and can create effective copy to attract people to your online content. A small list of companies online, such as small businesses, rely on freelance writers to produce marketing materials. Short pieces of 500-1000 words are typically falls under fast projects offered by the freelance writer.

If you need lead generating professional articles, white paper writing case studies or high-paying service like ebook writing, then hiring a great experience freelance writer is important. An effective copywriter can help produce marketing material like sales pages and forecast reports that can help drive paid traffic to your company website. The insider knowledge thought leadership provided by a good freelance writer can make all the difference in creating effective email writing.

A freelance writer wrote bios for the client's product and interviewing customers to gain leads. If you have a small business and need short writing projects such as ads or even ebook writing, then hiring a freelance writer is the way to go. They also specialize in real estate web design and development writing, white papers, case studies and video scripts for video marketing or youtube videos that will benefit small businesses greatly.

What Is Freelance Writing for Beginners?

Freelance writing is when you work on a self-employed basis as an independent business owner. To define freelance, it means someone who typically writes for various clients and takes on projects as they come. These projects can be recurring or ad hoc projects that range from blog writing to highly optimized content for search engines. As a freelance writer, you are responsible for managing content, providing content, and even providing ghostwritten material. Any type of content is fair game, including ebooks, blog posts, website pages, email white papers, and more.

Side view full length young focused female in casual clothes browsing modern laptop and writing down notes while sitting on floor in cozy modern apartment

If you've worked as a freelance writer before or are considering becoming one, then officially calling yourself a professional writer may seem daunting. However, being a professional writer doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have years of experience under your belt. As a freelance writer, if you primarily write blog posts for saas businesses or software companies in the b2b industry, then you're already well on your way to being considered a professional writer. Freelance writers are highly versatile and can write anything from a short blog post to a social media post to long-form landing page copy.

There are many different content types that a freelance writer can specialize in depending on their skills and interests. Some writers may focus solely on blog writing while others may branch out into other areas like web copy or social media posts. Whatever type of content you're interested in producing as a freelance writer knowing how to produce high-quality work will help attract high-paying freelance writing clients with recurring projects who are looking for great results!

Discover the Story Behind My Journey as a Freelance Writer

My journey as a freelance writer started 15 years ago when I became a stay-at-home mom. With "mom brain" and the constant need to sing songs and change diapers, I craved grown-up interaction that didn't involve talking about my baby's poop schedule. That's when I discovered freelance writing.

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At first, I made some big mistakes and struggled to find my footing as a freelance writer. But I quickly recovered, landing my first freelance writing job within a couple of months. Within just a few more months, I had replaced my previous income with my new full-time income from freelancing. Now, after all these years, I'm proud to say that I'm an credible freelance writer who has turned this side hustle into my main hustle.

Looking back on my journey, becoming a freelance writer was the best decision I could have made for myself and my family. It allowed me to work from home while raising my children and now provides me with the financial stability I need as a single parent. So if you're thinking about becoming a freelance writer, take the leap! You never know where it might take you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do freelance writers actually make?

The amount of money freelance writers make varies greatly depending on factors such as experience, niche, and type of work. However, according to a survey by the Freelance Writers Den, the median income for freelance writers is around $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

How do you make money as a freelance writer?

Freelance writers make money by finding clients who are willing to pay for their writing services. This can be done through networking, pitching to publications or businesses, and utilizing freelance job platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr.

What are some good sites to find writing jobs?

Some good sites to find writing jobs include Upwork, Freelancer, and ProBlogger Job Board. These platforms offer a wide range of writing opportunities from blog posts to copywriting projects, with varying levels of experience required.

What is the typical rate of pay for freelance writers?

The typical rate of pay for freelance writers varies greatly depending on their experience, the type of content they produce, and the client's budget. However, rates range from $0.03 to $2 per word, with an average hourly rate of $30 to $80.

What hourly rate should a beginner freelance writer charge?

A beginner freelance writer should charge between $25-$50 per hour depending on their level of experience and the type of content they are creating. It's important to set a rate that reflects your value as a writer while also remaining competitive in the market.

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