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Actress Jessica Alba recently announced that her highly-valued consumer products startup co-founded in 2011, The Honest Company, is struggling to recover from a scathing Wall Street Journal report. The Honest Company's reported private valuation of $1.7 billion was based on its non-toxic eco-friendly products such as household goods made without health-compromising chemicals. However, the report listed a laundry list of troubling issues, including a major product recall and a troubling number of consumer lawsuits.

The article claimed that The Honest Company's natural products contained the same detergent ingredients as many other brands, including Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble. Moreover, the company vehemently denied the accusation claiming that they use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) which includes a large amount of foaming agent to create the so-called "natural" cleaning agents. While Honest stuck to their story issuing statements calling the accusations "junk science," it sounds familiar to how Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes reacted when publication cast doubt on her breakthrough lab testing technology at Theranos Labs. After being barred by federal regulators, Holmes' disgraced startup quietly reformulated its tests and withdrew from the market.

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Jessica Alba had very specific reasons for putting acting on the back burner to found The Honest Company, and starting a family with Cash Warren played a major role.

Jessica Alba, a California native, started auditioning at a young age and made her movie debut in 1994's comedy "Camp Nowhere." It wasn't until her lead role in the TV show "Dark Angel" that she gained widespread recognition. However, despite her success and added advantage of being the leading lady in the sequel "Sin City," she began feeling stifled by Hollywood's restrictions. In an interview on the Sakara Life podcast in early 2020 pre-pandemic, Jessica explained that she had very specific reasons for putting acting on the back burner to found The Honest Company, and starting a family with Cash Warren played a major role.

Jessica's straight-up financial independence side was another factor that pushed her towards entrepreneurship. Her hustle ultimately proved successful as she landed leading roles in movies like "Sleeper Hit Mechanic: Resurrection" alongside Jason Statham and co-starring on TV with Gabrielle Union. However, it was during an interview with Maxim for their September cover 13 years ago that Sin City director Frank Miller told Maxim that he loved working with Jessica because she was an ass-kicking action hero who could also be vulnerable and emotional when needed. But Jessica had bigger dreams than just being a Hollywood starlet.

Jessica always knew she wanted to do something more significant than just acting. She felt like there was a greater power within her that could create something greater than herself. That's why she took on a hands-on role as The Honest Company's CEO - a clean-product brand founded years ago with no potentially harmful chemicals turned into a year-on-year increase of 28%. In April 20 episode of Rachel Zoe's Love Bites podcast, Jessica admitted to having her love back for acting but understands how treating Hollywood as just one aspect of her life gives her greater range as an artist while still having a front-row seat to watch The Honest Company go public weeks ago meaning all her hard work started many years ago has paid off.

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In other news, Jessica Alba opened up about her honest mess in a recent podcast with Rachael Ray. She and husband Cash Warren shared embarrassing moments during their early days of dating, including forgetting to bring contact lenses while taking pictures and Warren losing cash during an hour-long walk back to their home base. Despite these mishaps, Alba admitted to having a pretty charmed life, even collecting swag from events she attended. She also discussed starting The Honest Company after becoming increasingly disillusioned with the constant focus on food department figuring and wild insecurity in Hollywood.

The household products company will go public this week after a tumultuous few years overshadowed by lawsuits and increasing competition.

Honest Company Debuts: Jessica Alba's Honest Mess

This week, actress Jessica Alba's household products company, the Honest Company, will take center stage as it goes public. The seemingly remarkable success story of a pregnant Alba who couldn't find reasonably priced natural and eco-friendly baby products has had its fair share of ups and downs in recent years. However, the company prioritizes transparency and trust, as mentioned in its IPO prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. What's in the filings? Honest's road to the public markets has been overshadowed by lawsuits for false advertising and allegedly harmful products, executive turnover, and funding rounds.

The company chaired by cofounder Alba has seen workforce discontinued while offerings upgraded. This helped Honest grow but also hurt gross margins leading to a net loss that came with good lessons learned. The rocket ship that seemed headed for outer space started coming back down to Earth when things started going wrong in September 2015. That was when California sued Honest alleging that it falsely advertised its products on the false premise they were all-natural. Court filings showed that customers alleged that some of these products contained synthetic non-natural ingredients including Honests sunscreen leading to suffering severe sunburns with class action lawsuits consisting of over 20,000 people filed in April 2016 by Organic Consumers Association – a nonprofit based in Minnesota- claiming that Honests infant formula was falsely labeled organic.

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American Airlines is facing a lawsuit after a teenager died of cardiac arrest on board AA Flight 614 to Miami on June 4, 2022. Kevin Greenridge, only 17 years old, was flying with his family when he suddenly became unconscious mid-flight. The family claims that the airline failed to provide proper medical attention and equipment, resulting in Greenridge's untimely death.

According to Emily Rella's article on Jessica Alba's Honest Mess, the lawsuit alleges that American Airlines did not have a defibrillator or oxygen tank available on the plane, which are standard equipment for commercial flights. This lack of resources prevented passengers and flight attendants from administering proper aid to Greenridge when he suffered cardiac arrest. The tragedy has raised concerns about airline safety and the responsibility of airlines to ensure that their passengers are adequately equipped for emergencies.

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Who is honest and why did she start it?

Honest is not a person, but rather a trait. It refers to the quality of being truthful and transparent. The origins of honesty as a value are rooted in the belief that it is important for individuals to act with integrity and to be accountable for their actions.

How old was Jessica Alba when she started the Honest Company?

Jessica Alba was 31 years old when she founded the Honest Company in 2011.

What is Alba's Mission?

Alba's mission is to create sustainable and innovative solutions that benefit both people and the planet. They aim to lead the way in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth.

Who owns honest cleaning?

Honest Cleaning is a privately-owned company founded in 2016 by a team of cleaning professionals.

Who is Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba is an American actress, businesswoman, and model known for her roles in popular movies such as Sin City and Fantastic Four. She is also the founder of The Honest Company, a natural consumer goods company.

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