The Great Resignation is Not Over. Employers Should Make Employee Experience a Top Priority Right Now, And Here Are 5 Ways To Do It.

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Posted Mar 20, 2023

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Over the past year and a half, we have witnessed a phenomenon that has come to be known as "The Great Resignation." Countless companies have lost valuable employees, who have decided to quit their jobs in search of greener pastures. This mass exodus has left business leaders scrambling to find ways to retain their workforce and ensure business success.

One of the key factors that many companies have recently prioritized focusing on is employee experience. For years, companies have separated employee experience from customer experience, but now innovative companies finally realize that these two are intertwined. Prioritizing employee experience is not only wise; it's essential for businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

So what can business leaders do to ensure exceptional employee experience? Here are 5 ways they can make sure that their employees are happy, engaged, and empowered. As it turns out, ping pong tables and free snacks aren't necessarily the answer. Positive employee experience leading to higher employee engagement is proven to result in greater business success - something that should be of vital importance for any company looking for positive growth.

The Vital Importance of Employee Experience in Today's World

In the post-pandemic landscape, a favorable employee experience is crucial for companies to retain their existing workers and attract new ones. The great resignation and mass exodus have already begun, with employees abandoning their roles in search of greener pastures. To stay competitive in this lucrative market, businesses need to offer higher wages and a holistic approach to the employee experience.

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Remote work has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for workers, with growing freelancing and gig economies allowing employees to find roles that suit them best. This means that company business leaders must adapt their policies and strategies geared towards offering a positive employee experience. By fostering an environment that values employee well-being, businesses can retain their existing workers while also attracting top talent from other industries.

To achieve a favorable employee experience, companies must focus on creating an atmosphere that promotes growth and development while offering flexibility and support. This involves addressing issues such as inclusivity, mental health, work-life balance, and career advancement opportunities. By adopting a holistic approach to the employee experience, businesses can create a culture where employees feel valued and invested in the success of the company. In conclusion, prioritizing employee experience is no longer just an option but rather an imperative for companies seeking long-term success in today's world.

These Are the Most and Least Affordable Places to Retire in The U.S.

Most people dream of spending their golden years in a comfortable and affordable location. However, the cost of living can vary greatly across the United States. According to a recent study by Madeline Garfinkle, some of the most affordable places to retire in the country are located in Midwestern states such as Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana. These states offer low taxes, affordable housing, and ample healthcare options.

On the other hand, cities on the West Coast tend to have high costs of living and are less affordable for retirees. The study found that states in the mountain region tend to be more expensive as well. However, this does not mean that retiring on the West Coast or in a mountain state is impossible; it simply requires more financial planning and budgeting. Ultimately, each individual's retirement needs and preferences will determine which location is most suitable for them.

A Guy Is Using ChatGPT to Turn $100 Into a Business Making as Much Money as Possible. Here Are the First 4 Steps the AI Chatbot Gave Him.

Jacob Zinkula is a guy who wants to turn $100 into a business making as much money as possible. To achieve his goal, he decided to use ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that helps people with their business ideas. Jacob got the first four steps from Aaron Mok, the creator of ChatGPT.

Man Polishing Ankle Foot Orthotic

The first step was to define the target market and understand their needs. Jacob had to think about who he wanted to sell his product or service to and what they were looking for. The second step was to come up with a unique selling proposition (USP) that would make his product or service stand out from the competition. The third step was to research the competition and find out what they were doing right and wrong. The fourth step was to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that would allow him to test his idea in the market without spending too much money.

Know Your Audience: Who You Serve Matters

Knowing your audience is a fundamental element of purposeful leadership. Leaders who understand their audience can make informed decisions and effectively navigate challenging times. Being on the front lines driving change means understanding the fact view of those you're serving.

Treating airline employees with respect greatly influences how they treat travelers. One top executive I worked with learned this firsthand when he spent time at a service desk waiting with the desk ladies while an airline employee addressed travelers. He saw their forgotten identity and realized that treating them well was the main purpose of his job.

It takes vigilance to avoid sliding into the trap set by power, fame, and glory. As my friend Jim Citrin, who leads Spencer Stuart's CEO practice, wisely remarked: "Leaders don't climb to the top using sharp elbows." A healthy dose of humility and remembering who you're serving can help leaders stay focused on their main purpose.

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Know Your Job: Understanding Your Role in the Workplace

As an employee, it's essential to know your job and understand your role within the organization. Business leaders play a key role in creating energy and potential for creating energy and inspiration within their company. The idea of purposeful leadership originated 30 years ago with Dolly Parton's famous quote, "Find out who you are and do it on purpose." A purposeful leader's actions inspire employees to achieve their full potential.

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The late Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson's video message during the Covid-19 pandemic powerfully illustrates how a leader can offer support to employees directly affected by the crisis. The pandemic has severely battered Marriott's hospitality business, but Sorenson ended his message on a hopeful note projecting that people will start traveling again soon. An honest heartfelt message from a leader during such a time can be uplifting.

The mindset determines the circumstances we choose to generate hope and inspiration for others around us. Curt Carlson, company founder, stood by the company's purpose when he had these words engraved at the company headquarters: "Illegitimi non carborundum" (which means "Don't let the bastards grind you down"). Reed Hastings of Netflix values people over efficiency resulting in a culture where employees feel valued and inspired. Knowing your job and understanding your role as an employee is crucial to being successful while also inspiring others around you.

Discover the Power of a Clear Purpose

A company's purpose is an essential element that drives people and brings them together. Without it, employees may feel lost, disengaged, or even disillusioned with their work. A staggering number of companies suffer from employees leaving due to a lack of clarity around the corporate purpose.

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However, having a clear mission can shed renewed light on what the business stands for and how it intends to enrich lives. This was a pre-COVID realization that successful leaders like Corie Barry, CEO of Best Buy, have long understood. By aligning personal purpose with the company's purpose, team members can work towards something greater than themselves.

In my experience as a coach working with teams across functional areas, I have found that having a common overarching pull in the form of a corporate purpose makes all the difference. When team members are aligned behind this shared goal, they can collaborate effectively and achieve more significant results than when they work primarily in silos.

American Airlines Sued After Teen Dies of Heart Attack Onboard Flight to Miami

American Airlines is facing a lawsuit after the tragic death of Kevin Greenridge, a teenager who suffered cardiac arrest mid-flight on AA Flight 614 to Miami on June 4, 2022. According to reports, Greenridge became unconscious mid-flight and was unable to be revived despite the efforts of the crew and passengers. Emily Rella, an attorney representing Greenridge's family, has filed a wrongful death suit against American Airlines, alleging that they failed to provide adequate medical attention and care for the young passenger.

From above of dollar bills in opened black envelope placed on stack of United states cash money as concept of personal income

This devastating incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proper training and preparation for businesses, particularly those in industries such as aviation where lives are at stake. Companies must prioritize safety and take steps to ensure that their employees are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to handle emergencies like cardiac arrest. The tragedy also highlights the need for accountability in cases where negligence or lack of proper action leads to preventable deaths. As business leaders, it is our responsibility to prioritize safety and take swift action when incidents occur in order to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are business leaders becoming philanthropic?

Business leaders are becoming philanthropic to give back to the community, enhance brand reputation, and attract top talent.

How can corporate philanthropy improve your brand equity?

Corporate philanthropy can improve your brand equity by enhancing your reputation, building trust with customers, and creating a positive image in the community.

What are the principles of leadership?

The principles of leadership include inspiring and motivating others, setting a clear vision and goals, being accountable and transparent, communicating effectively, leading by example, and continuously learning and adapting. These principles help leaders guide their teams towards success while fostering trust, respect, and collaboration.

What are the business principles of philanthropy?

The business principles of philanthropy involve giving back to society through charitable donations and supporting causes that align with the organization's values. This can include promoting social responsibility, ethical behavior, and transparency in all aspects of the business.

Are things worse than they were in their last job?

It depends on the individual's perspective and experience. Some may find their current job worse, while others may find it better. It's important to assess the specific factors that make a job good or bad for you personally.

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